Furnish to Epic Records.


Sarah McTaggart, lead singer and songwriter for Transviolet, cut her teeth playing open mic nights, eventually uploading her material to a site designed to bring musicians together. Instead of listing her location as the Caymans (where her family was currently based), Sarah wrote San Diego on her profile. When multi-instrumentalist Michael Panek logged searching for a female vocalist, he narrowed his search area to--you guessed it--San Diego. A sucker for "90s jams" there was something in Sarah's songs that appealed to this learning. Despite the fact that Sarah immediately admitted she wasn't based in San Diego, the pair quickly forged a musical partnership: Michael would email his music and Sarah would apply her words and melodies.

It wasn't long after until the duo upped sticks and moved to LA that Transviolet truly solidified with the addition of Michael's high school buddies and former bandmates, drummer Jonathan Garcia and guitarist Judah McCarthy. What followed was an incredibly fertile period: they signed to Epic and penned some 60-odd songs which were eventually whittled to a svelte debut album scheduled to drop next year.

While Michael describes Sarah and himself as yin and yang--her lyrics and melodies combined with his beats and arrangements--the addition of Jon and Judah should also not be underestimated. Sarah credits them as being essential to the development of their sound, which they're now honing live on their first North American tour. The foursome are a tight unit that works. "There are no divas; we all look at each other as equals and there's no such thing as stupid ideas," affirms Sarah.

Fate may have leant a helping hand, but Transviolet doesn't need luck to take this to the next level.

Transviolet heads on their first full North American tour with Lany. Tickets and dates can be found here.


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